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restaurants and retailers

make smarter decisions and grow profits

with Piik data analytics platform.

% Increase in Sales*

% Reduction in Costs*

% Savings in Time*

*results may vary.
How you Benefit
  • Analyze marketing, sales and operational data in one place.

  • Get actionable recommendations from our AI/machine learning algorithms.

  • Improve sales, customer engagement, and reduce costs.
Increase Sales Revenue

What promotions should I run to increase my sales? When? For which customers?

Reduce Menu and Inventory Costs

Which items make more money? How can I reduce menu costs and inventory waste?

Optimize Labor Costs

How are my labor costs trending? What's the best way I can schedule my staff to optimize costs?

Improve Customer Engagement

What are customers saying about my business on various online platforms?

Save Time

How can I work more on the business rather than in the business?

How it Works



Drag-n-drop reports from POS, Scheduling, and Inventory systems into Piik, and confirm mapping of key fields. Direct integration with your systems available.



Piik instantly synthesizes all data to provide interactive, visual analyses so you can understand underlying performance across all aspects of your business.



Our machine learning algorithms perform holistic analyses and recommend clear actions you can take to profitably grow your business.



Improve your sales and customer engagement, and optimize staffing and inventory costs.

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