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Key FeaturesPiik Perform has all your data in one place; uncover underlying patterns and get interactive analyses and trends, reliable sales/demand forecasts, and AI-powered recommendations for specific actions to grow sales and optimize costs.

Your Data in One Place.Imagine all your data in one place; no more spending hours in bringing together data from multiple systems to get a coherent and unified view of your business.

Comprehensive Analytics.Analyze sales, customer, marketing, and inventory data to quickly understand underlying reasons for performance, reduce costs, and make informed decisions with interactive dashboards and drilldowns to promptly answer business questions.

Sales Promotion RecommendationsPiik algorithms continuously analyze and uncover patterns in sales, transactions, and product combinations to recommend which work better than others, which items to promote when, and at which outlets to maximize sales.

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Demand/ Sales Forecasts.Plan better for your business using Piik’s reliable forecasts of demand and sales outcomes based on underlying data patterns and key events.

Optimize InventoryEfficiently manage and optimize your product inventory and ordering; uncover hidden patterns and avoid stock-outs and lost sales and reduce cost of obsolescence.

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