Who we arePiik = Peek into your data for Peak performance.

Restaurants, retailers, and franchises use Piik to make smarter, data-driven decisions and grow profits. Piik’s cloud-based AI+analytics software brings together data from multiple systems, provides interactive analyses and trends, and generates automated insights and recommendations to help restaurants and retailers grow sales, optimize costs, improve staff scheduling, and enhance customer experience.


Atif Ansari, CPA, CMA, CGMA

Founder & PresidentEntrepreneur with experience building technology businesses and prior leadership roles in global software, analytics, data, marketing, and business services.

Faraz Zaidi, PhD

Product AdvisorSenior data scientist with PhD in Data Mining & Visual Analytics and significant experience in developing practical solutions using AI and machine learning .

Saad Ansari, PMP, CSM

Customer Success & MarketingTechnology professional with extensive experience in project delivery, systems integration and consulting for retail and telecom sectors.