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The quickest way to automate accounting processes.
Save hours of time reconciling key accounts, close books faster and improve accuracy of financials.
Key Automation Features
Reconcile intercompany

Easily reconcile and balance intercompany transactions, in same or multiple currencies.

  • Simplify and automate reconciliation of intercompany accounts reconciliations.

  • Multi-currency handling provides easier handling of complex international transactions effortlessly.

  • Quickly view which intercompany accounts need attention, and the ones that are already in balance.

  • Add transactions to the company that is missing transactions needed to balance the intercompany accounts.

Recognize revenue

Accurately recognize revenues and reconcile deferred revenue accounts

  • Simplify and automate recognition of deferred revenues

  • Reconcile deferred revenue liability account

  • Keep track of each deferred and recognized revenue for each customer.

  • Monthly transactions booked right to your QuickBooks company.

Manage prepaids

Schedule and accurately track, record, and reconcile your prepaid expense accounts.

  • Simplify and automate recognition of prepaid expenses

  • Reconcile prepaid expense asset accounts

  • Keep track of each deferred and recognized expense for each vendor.

  • Monthly transactions booked right to your QuickBooks company.

Manage loan/capital leases

Record principal/interest payment splits, and reconcile your liability accounts

  • Easily create amortization schedules for each loan and capital lease.

  • Create payment entries for each loan/capital lease based on respective schedule.

  • Split principal, interest, and any tax portion of payments into respective accounts.

  • Reconcile your liability accounts with ease.


Piik's two-way integration with QuickBooks Online automates reconciliation of key balance sheet accounts, books adjusting entries in QuickBooks Online, saves hours of time in completing month-end close, and avoids maintaining multiple spreadsheets. 
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