National Restaurant Association recognizes Piik as an innovative tech startup that is creating a big buzz in the foodservice industry!

, June 5, 2018 – Piik Insights is pleased to announce that the US National Restaurant Association has recognized Piik as an innovative technology that  analytics bring-your-own-data service for restaurants and retailers.

“Restaurateurs and retailers today face a real challenge to bring together and analyze data from multiple systems they use to manage their business,” says Piik’s founder & president Atif Ansari. “This recognition from National Restaurant Association is a great validation of Piik’s unique analytics service offering for restaurants.”

About Piik
Founded in 2016, Piik uses data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to solve business problems. The company’s analytics-as-a-service software solution brings together data from disparate sources, provides interactive analyses and trends, and generates automated insights and recommendations to help businesses grow sales, optimize costs, and improve customer experience. Learn more on, and find us on Twitter @PiikInsights, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About the National Restaurant Association
Founded in 1919, the National Restaurant Association is the leading business association for the restaurant industry, which comprises one million restaurant and foodservice outlets and a workforce of more than 14 million employees.

For more information, visit and find them on Twitter @WeRRestaurants, Facebook and YouTube.