Monthly PlansFlexible subscription plans to fit your business needs


$39monthly per location
  • Upload standard reports to bring in and refresh data from source systems
    - Upload a standard report from your POS, labor, or inventory management system - Map fields once, and see your data come alive in Piik
  • Hub
    - Central place to manage your business - Pin key metrics of your choice to your dashboard
  • Sales analytics
    - Visually see how sales are performing by location, categories, day of week, time of day, customer profile - Visually see why sales are up/down and what changes you need to make to bring them back up - How sales compare with other locations - See which item combinations are more popular than others
  • Labor cost analytics
    - Track staff productivity - Analyze labor costs in relation to sales and transactions
  • Inventory analytics
    - Understand movements of inventory - Uncover real causes of wastage


$79monthly per location
  • All STARTER features, plus
  • Automated data connectors to bring and refresh data from source systems
  • Reliable sales forecasts
    Get accurate prediction of future sales by location and product mix
  • Minimum fees apply
  • Enterprise discounts available


$149monthly per location
  • All ESSENTIALS features, plus
  • Sales promotion recommendations
    Receive recommendations for which items to promote to increase sales
  • Labor cost optimizations
    Accurately forecast staffing requirements and optimize for maximum results
  • Inventory optimizations
    Optimize ordering of inventory based on reliable sales forecasts


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  • All PRO features, plus
  • Custom data source integrations
  • Bring in other data such as customer ratings and reviews, loyalty, marketing, accounting
  • Customized reporting and analytics

Piik is the solution we were looking for to aggregate data from our POS, labor, and inventory management systems. Within two months of using Piik, we have significantly reduced our labor costs! Highly recommended.

Brett Toskan, COO Impact Kitchen